RV Removal

At Bouchard Hauling & Removal, we understand that old RVs and campers can become more of a burden than a benefit, occupying valuable space and adding to clutter. Whether you're dealing with an abandoned RV, a junk RV, or just a regular old RV camper that’s no longer roadworthy, our RV removal services in Kitsap, Mason, and Pierce counties are designed to help you efficiently reclaim your property, hassle-free.

Why Trust Professionals for Your RV Removal?

Efficiency and Convenience

Removing an RV can be a daunting task, especially if the vehicle is no longer operational. Our team specializes in junk RV disposal and can handle everything from towing to paperwork, offering a hassle-free option to rid your property of unwanted vehicles.

Environmental Responsibility

Disposing of an RV involves more than just towing it away. At Bouchard Hauling & Removal, we ensure that all components, especially those that can be hazardous, are disposed of properly in accordance with local regulations.

Recapture Valuable Space

Old campers take up considerable space that could be used more effectively. Our RV removal service helps you clear out that space, allowing for new projects or simply a cleaner, more organized outdoor area.

Types of RVs We Remove

At Bouchard, we're experts at safely transporting recreational vehicles of various kinds and sizes - RVs are among the many we specialize in transporting! Here is an example of some types of recreational vehicles we typically transport:

1. Class A Motorhomes

2. Class B Motorhomes (Camper Vans)

3. Class C Motorhomes

4. Travel Trailers

5. Fifth Wheel Trailers

6. Pop-Up Campers

7. Truck Campers

8. Toy Haulers

Our RV Removal Process

Our process of removing RVs is designed to be simple and stress-free; here is our four-step breakdown:

1. Initial Consultation

Reach out to us either online or over the phone and provide information about your recreational vehicle and its location. We'll then discuss your specific needs before scheduling an assessment visit for our professional assessment of your property.

2. Customized Quote

Once our expert team evaluates your RV, they'll devise the most cost-effective removal approach and provide a customized, clear quote outlining any associated fees - no surprise charges here!

3. Schedule the Removal

For optimal results, schedule your removal on a date that best fits into your daily activities and we offer flexible timing to minimize disruptions to daily life. Our team can also offer advice on how best to prepare your RV for removal by securing personal belongings securely while creating easy access for our team of removal specialists.

4. Efficient Removal and Clean-Up

Our team is trained in professional RV removal service and they arrive with all of the equipment necessary to safely unload your RV. Afterward, we clean up and leave your property neat and tidy.

RV Disposal and Environmental Considerations

Proper disposal of RVs, is crucial to prevent environmental damage. Components like batteries, appliances, and certain materials require special handling to ensure they do not harm the ecosystem. At Bouchard, We emphasize sustainable practices, including recycling materials whenever possible.

Ready to free up space and remove that RV?

Contact us today! Our expert team is ready to provide fast and reliable new or junk RV removal services. Just call us or book online here!


It involves the eco-friendly removal of recreational vehicles (RVs), such as travel trailers, motorhomes and campers. Our service handles every step from scheduling pickup through responsible disposal.

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