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Our Boat Removal Services

At Bouchard Hauling & Removal, we specialize in responsibly and efficiently disposing of unwanted and old boats from Puget Sound and surrounding waters. Recognizing the need for responsible boat removal is critical in such an acclaimed maritime region as Puget Sound; whether its an old vessel past its prime or abandoned one causing environmental issues; our comprehensive boat removal services aim to address them efficiently and ethically.

Types of Boats We Remove

At Bouchard Hauling & Removal, we offer extensive boat removal services tailored to handle a variety of boat types. Here's a detailed look at the different kinds of boats we can help you remove from your property or marina:

1. Fishing Boats

2. Sailboats

3. Motorboats

4. Pontoon Boats

5. Jet Skis

6. Houseboats

7. Yachts

8. Canoes and Kayaks

Our Boat Removal Process

At Bouchard Hauling & Removal, we provide an environmentally responsible four-step unwanted or old boat removal process,

1. Initial Consultation

By phone, email, or through our website we're happy to discuss your boat removal needs and arrange for our team of professionals to visit and assess its type and condition prior to creating an optimal removal strategy based on this assessment.

2. Provide a Complete Quotation

After reviewing your boat, we provide an in-depth quotation that details labor, transportation, disposal fees and any environmental fees involved in its disposal or renovation. Our transparent pricing ensures you understand every cost involved with its disposal or recycling.

3. Scheduling and Preparation

Our staff works closely with you to select a date and time that minimizes disruption, while offering guidance on how to prepare the site, such as clearing access or securing permits.

4. Removal and Cleanup

Our expert team arrives with all of the equipment required to safely remove your boat, from towing to dismantling as necessary. We recycle as many parts as possible while managing dangerous materials responsibly.

Legal and Environmental Considerations

Washington State Announces Change to Boat Law

This law addresses the processes and responsibilities involved with declaring an abandoned boat and provides legal methods for its removal and disposal. The aim is to ensure boats are removed in ways which protect public and environmental interests.

What Happens to Discarded Boats?         

Once removed from their waters, derelict boats are carefully evaluated for salvageable materials and parts that can be recycled into new vessels. Anything not suitable for reuse is disposed of responsibly with regards to both waste management and pollution recycling wherever possible.

Ready to clear your dock or driveway and responsibly dispose of that old boat?

Contact us today! Our expert team is standing by to provide quick, efficient, and eco-friendly boat removal services. Call us or book online now to reclaim your space and peace of mind.


To efficiently dispose of an unwanted or old boat, our professional boat removal service offers hassle-free disposal solutions. From permits and towing arrangements to safe disposal and recycling options - simply get in touch and we will handle everything for you.

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