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Dear Community,

Welcome to Bouchard Hauling & Removal! We are not only a Veteran owned business, but also a family owned business. We saw a need for hauling and removal in our community of Mason County, as well as the surrounding Counties, and we thought “How can we strive to meet this need?”. With some motivation, plus a whole lot of dedication, we made it happen. We are so happy to offer our operations to the Kitsap, Mason, and Pierce counties! We look forward to the connections we are bound to make with everyone. Our focus is cleaning up our beautiful State of Washington. If we can help by making sure unwanted items end up in the right place, instead of the side of roads, then we are one step closer to maintaining our State’s natural beauty. We look forward to making a difference, and we hope we can encourage you to do the same.

The Bouchard Family

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Spencer Bouchard

Spencer is the idea behind this business. He is the one who brought it to his Dad, Paul, in hopes to start a family business together. Little did he know his master business plan was convincing all around!

Spencer has the dedication and strong mentality in always making sure the job is done right. He is an 8-year U.S. Navy Seabee Veteran.

He has taken much of his military structure and career and uses it in his day to day. You’ll never find this man late, as a matter of fact, he’ll make a point to always arrive early. We like to say he’s always on military time.

Besides being a Veteran, Spencer is a husband and father to two kids. Also we can’t fail to mention he has two furry members in his family. He was born in Maine, but moved to Ohio when he was young. Which is where he ended up meeting his wife, Courtney.

In Spencer’s free time, he enjoys jamming on his guitars, and playing golf with his Dad.

When Spencer brought the business plan to Paul, it was the perfect way to finally get himself and his wife, Tamara, to Washington near their family. In an odd fashion, both of their kids and families had moved to Washington, while Paul and Tamara remained in Ohio. They wanted more than anything to be close to their kids and grandchildren, the year 2020, made it seem almost impossible.

No one was hiring in the job field Paul was experienced in and had been working in the last 30 years. It was seemingly becoming a bigger challenge than expected due to the current economy, that is until the business plan came along.

Paul has 30+ years of manufacturing and management experience. He is incredibly hardworking and customer driven.

Paul’s roots originate in Maine, growing up with four brothers and one sister. Living on a busy chicken farm, there was always work to be done. He has always remained close with his family. To this day Paul still makes sure to call his mother every week.

In Paul’s down time he enjoys golfing, woodworking, and brewing his own beer.


Paul Bouchard


Courtney Bouchard

When Spencer first brought the business idea to Courtney, she knew immediately he would make it a reality. She put forth so much motivation, encouragement, and support, in hopes to help this dream come true.

Courtney is the wife to Spencer, and mother to his two kids. They have been married for 9 years. During that time, Courtney has traveled all over, following Spencer wherever his military career took him.

They have called California and Spain home, and have traveled to France and Belgium. You can definitely say they have accomplished a lot in such a short time frame. When she isn’t at home running her personal circus show as she likes to call it, she is a stylist at a local salon in Silverdale. In the little free time she has you’ll find her spending time with family, having kitchen dance parties and cooking, fixing up old furniture, and doing some sort of home improvement. Courtney is an Ohio girl, but is loving every ounce of what Washington has to offer. She is so happy to call this state home!

You’ll find Courtney mostly behind the scenes, and running our social media. Occasionally though you’ll find her on site helping out in an operation. Fun fact: Courtney is the designer of our logo!

When Spencer brought the business plan to Tamara, you could definitely say she was excited. Tamara had been planning and searching for ways to get Paul and herself to Washington since 2019. She was thrilled and couldn’t wait to start piecing together the business.

Tamara has always worked in customer service in some shape or form through the years. She is hardworking and passionate in anything she does.
Tamara is originally from California but moved to Maine as a child. At the age of 15, she met Paul through his sister who was her best friend. Paul and Tamara have now been married for 36 years!

Tamara and Paul have two kids together, their daughter Katelyn, and their son Spencer. Through their kids, they’ve gained two bonus kids, their son-in-law Joe, and daughter-in-law Courtney – as well as three grandchildren, who they absolutely adore. These kids and grandchildren were the driving force to get them to Washington.

If Tamara isn’t busy, you’ll most likely find her at the beach, or near one at the very least. You can take the girl out of California, but the roots run deep. Tamara also enjoys spending time outside beautifying her garden. She truly has the greenest thumb!


Tamara Bouchard